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Enjoying rum

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Quality rum is at its best enjoyed straight up from either an aroma or whisky glass (see images). A relatively young rum can be enjoyed with a dash of water or an ice cube and taken as whisky. A dash of water may pleasantly highlight the qualities of some younger rums. However, it is better to enjoy an old rum (aged over 6-10 years) straight up. The glass can be be warmed up slowly with the palm of one's hand during the enjoyment, which releases the rum's aromas. It should be noted that rums rarely need an aroma glass to bring forth their character.


In the Caribbean, the enjoyment of rum differs from those I mention and recommend in these pages. There, rum is mostly a vulgar drink just like Vodka in Russia, or Koskenkorva in Finland. The locals there drink mainly unaged, white rum. I want to emphasise here my aim of directing these pages to those people who want to enjoy rum as the quality beverage that it can be.

However, most people associate rum with various drinks and rum toddies. I myself do not really fancy drinks, but in the following passage I have some recipes worth trying.


5 1/2 cl light rum
3 cl lime (juice of 1 lime))
1 tsp of fine sugar

Lounge Lizard

3 cl dark rum
1 1/2 cl Amaretto

Pour the rum and the amaretto into a glass filled with ice. Fill up with cola and decorate with a slice of lemon

Werewolf's Fang (my own recipe)

3-4 cl dark rum
concentrated black currant juice
sprite / 7up

Fill a tall, clear glass with the dark rum and the soda. Add a dash of the concentrated juice for a 'bloody' effect.

Other great recipes can be found at RumShop.Net.