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These pages are intended for people with a general interest in quality rum, its production and, especially, its enjoyment. By quality rums, I mean the aged dark rums that are meant for sipping neat rather than white rums that are meant to be used in various drinks, or those 'dark' rums that are nothing more than white rums with added colour and spices and are also meant to be used in drinks. However, a couple of recipes are presented to those who are interested in them, including one of my own invention.

The pages include the following sections. The purpose of each section is to offer basic information about rums and their production and they are updated regularly.

My purpose is to promote the enjoyment of rum with all the responsibility and wisdom that quality rums deserve. To read more about my interest in rums and how this site came to be, please refer to the 'About' link on the left.

Last updated 28th January 2006