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These pages were first created in late 2001 to be a Finnish language source of knowledge of rum, thus filling up a void that had existed in Finland about rums in general, and that had hindered the growth of their popularity. Writing the short history of rum and some notes about its production was also a way for me to write down what I had myself learned, in my desperate search for knowledge about a spirit that was still gaining in popularity around the world.

As time passed, I added entries of tasting notes with rums that I've had the privilege to taste. There are still an unfortunate number of famed rums that I've not been able to get for myself, but I've been able to sample some of them.

Since I tend to spend a lot of my time on discussion forums pertaining to a wide variety of topics, and I have a tendency to mention my affection to rums in my comments, I saw it necessary to translate at least my tasting notes into English, to let people know what kinds of rums I like. As I was doing this, a friend of mine offered to translate the rest of the pages into English as well. Although there is no real need for additional sources of knowledge about rums in English, I accepted his offer and thus the site became bi-lingual. The pages then remained relatively unchanged for a couple of years, with minor additions to the rum tasting notes.

In April, 2005, I finally decided that I had to give the site a serious face-lift and take better care to write in my latest tasting notes. I also read through the history and rum production pages and corrected some errors that had been left there after the translation and some that had been my fault to begin with. The info on those pages is still by no means perfect, and I urge those seriously interested in the topic to familiarise themselves with literature that has been published on the topic in the recent years.

Thank you for visiting my rum pages. I hope that they give you some enjoyment!

Site changes

28th January 2006 - Opened a discussion forum in the Finnish section of the site.

6th January 2006 - Fixed a stupid bug in the Reviews section (display error caused the text to vanish in Internet Explorer when scrolled). Removed a nonfunctional link from the Finnish side menu. Changed the pic in the "About" section and corrected the language link on the English side.

25th April 2005 - English language section: Added Barbancourt 5 Star & Estate Reserve + Mount Gay Extra old. Improved and clarified the "Types of Rum" categorisation.

24th April 2005 - Fixed the layout of the title images, added a self-portrait on this page.

7th April 2005 - Added this site changes history list and corrected the positioning of the title image and corrected the erroneous navigation menu on the English language "about" section.

6th April 2005 - Overhaul of the whole site, all sections revised and graphical layout modernised.