I really enjoyed the "realism" of the various characters' motivations. Rather than just being an action story there was a good believable character, a person with reasons for what he was doing and not just generic action hero. The motivations and emotions were very thoroughly explored.

The fleshing out of the Frontier universe was very nice, putting a face and a style to both the federal military and the empire was great, far more interesting than the simple bbs in the game, giving a feel of real people instead of "standard unit" soldiers.

Overall though the story for me was to Frontier what the Dark Wheel was to Elite, but had the advantage of being substantially longer (definitely a good thing).

Davidtq, a member of Frontier forums

The Marcan Rayger stories consist of five short novellas. They were originally written in 1999 and 2000, but I am in the process of revisiting them in order to make minor corrections to their language and readability beginning in 2013. I have decidedly stopped myself from changing the stories from their original style, because I wish to present them as they were, but in a more readable format. This means that they are presented here with their strengths (certain aspects of characterisation) and weaknesses (rather a lot of coincidences) as they were when originally released.

Unlike the HTML releases of the past, the new versions will be released in popular ebook formats, .mobi and .epub.