My name is Marko Susimetsä and I am one of the authors of the upcoming Tales from the Frontier anthology set in the universe of the Elite 4 PC game coming out in 2014. My novella will be one of 15 short stories and novellas in the anthology. In celebration of this unique possibility, I decided to revisit some of my older fan-fiction set in the universe of the earlier game in the Elite series, Frontier First Encounters.

The Marcan Rayger stories are set in the general timeline of Frontier: First Encounters and readers should know that while all the Elite games are theoretically set in the same universe, there are very important differences between them. In the original Elite, for example, the universe was filled with intelligent alien species and there was an organisation called GalCop overseeing pretty much everything. In the following Frontier games, the universe was vastly different and the GalCop was nowhere to be seen. Instead, you had the Federation, the Empire and the Alliance vying for power. And there were no intelligent alien species anymore.

The Marcan Rayger stories mostly follow the political and technological setting of the Frontier games, but it does include certain aspects from the original Elite as well: such as the 'cloaking device' which did not feature in the Frontier games, and the Wolf Mk II ship which featured only in some versions of the original Elite.

The Game

The game Elite was developed by David Braben and Ian Bell in the early 1980's and it was an instant success amongst gamers. David Braben later continued the series at the head of Frontier Developments in Frontier: Elite 2 and Frontier First Encounters, both of which came out in early 1990's. Late in 2012, Frontier Developments Kickstarted the development of the long-awaited fourth game in this series.